Bite sized learning

I have been asked to pull together some bite sized system training, basically we have a system that we need our agents to use and there are several steps they need to be trained on. Each step is going to be built as an e learn so that they can choose the relevant learning for their role. I however need a theme for it - I have a couple around journeys such as tube line, map and road but wanted to see if anyone had done anything similiar - need help theming the actual system/process steps as they are the boring dull bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Bob S

One thing that often works well is tying the them back to the functionality or industry segment for the software usage.  So if it's a system for contractors to do cost estimations, tie the them to building a house from the foundation up.  If it's P-O-S software for the restaurant industry, theme it as serving a multi course meal or mixing the perfect cocktail.   You get the idea.