Blended learning

Dec 18, 2018

I'm trying to create a blended learning option with articulate 360 for our new hire orientation program. We want to have a lot of interactions built in but are struggling to find the line where we teach and the self serve/interaction begins. Currently the attendees would be in the same room as the facilitator/trainer/ Does anyone have examples or can share experiences with this kind of program?

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Eric Rowland

I would use eLearning as a means for practice and application. eLearning in a blended environment serves to enrich the curriculum, by practicing tasks/skills or even assessment. 

I wouldn't make the goal of using eLearning content as a means to make the orientation interactive. I would ask myself/my team what experience I would want the new employees to have? I would break down the curriculum into what would best be done via modules and what would create the best experience in a classroom setting. 

An example is I am in the process of creating an escape room/interactive virtual office for new hires. They click around, solve puzzles and learn about their tools (like SalesForce e.t.c.). It's the first eLearning content they explore and the goal is to give them an introduction to the different tools/places they will virtually go during the on-boarding/training.

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