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Hello everyone.

So, I am building a scenario based course. There are multiple topics in the course. For each topic 1st slide is scenario, where  I am using blur image, 2nd slide is an information slide and 3rd slide is action slide. I am using multiple images on slide 3 to explain more about the situation learner can be in. My issue is my blur image effect is not going with the 3rd slide. Can anyone suggest me some ideas.



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David Anderson

Hi Mansi - I like your design direction with the blurred backgrounds carrying over the 3 topic slides.

I think a darker image might help to create more contrast between the background and foreground elements. Here's a quick mockup:

Mansi Khanna

Thanks a lot David. The darker image is definitely making a huge difference. It looks lot more better. I am however still stuck at the third slide. This is going to be a action slide. Here leaner would know what to do if he is in the same situation. So the images that animate above are multiple example in which learner can be in. Below those I will give instructions of what to do. Whom to contact....

I want this slide to stand-out from the two previous slide since it is action slide.  So here if I use a solid background it doesn't blend in with the blur ones. So how to I make it stand out and still part of the same series..


Sorry giving too many details. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Mansi

David will chime in I'm sure to give you some ideas but what about using a bevel shape with an animation - see the attached video.  Pick a colour from the background or in this case I picked a colour from one of the thumbnail images and applied a slight transparency to the bevel shape then use a contrasting font colour.  The text can animate in and out timed to your audio.

Hope this gives you an idea

Mansi Khanna

Thanks Wendy for your quick response. I like the idea of bevel shape. Still little confused. Since there are multiple topics in the course and for each I am using a different blur background. I am wondering if I should give learner a break from blur in 3rd slide and then again go to a different blur for next topic. This is how the course is setup:

Topic 1

slide 1-Scenario

Slide 2- Information

Slide 3- Action

Topic 2

Slide 4- Scenario

Slide 5- Info

Slide 6- Action

and so on....

So what background would go between 1blur to 2nd blur is where I am stuck.

I can however also go with a bevel shape maybe..


Thanks a lot.