Aug 16, 2017

Hi everyone,

I am building a boardgame for Learn@Work Month for my organization.  Each week, learners will open the boardgame and complete 1 - 4 challenges for the week.  Every time the learner clicks that they completed a challenge, a checkmark appears and 1 point is added to their completion score.

My issues are:

1. Once the learner leaves the boardgame, when they resume it always goes back to the beginning even though I have stated to start where they left off.

2. The completion score is wiped clean when I want it to accumulate week to week.

3. The completions are not reporting.

I have attached the boardgame.

Thanks so much!

Jennifer May

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Jennifer,

If you've selected the appropriate settings in Storyline so that the course resumes, the problem may be coming from your LMS. Here's an article on how to troubleshoot your LMS using SCORM Cloud.

If it works on SCORM Cloud but not on your LMS, another solution may be to split the course up into 4 mini-courses.

I hope that helps! 

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