Bob is FREE! Cartoon character for eLearning courses!

Many have probably seen a course I worked on that used cartoon characters, and I got word there were inquiries as to how people could access those. So here's Bob!

Bob has 28 poses/expressions and is available as a Storyline download or a zipped packed of PNG files. The Storyline file includes Bob as image states, which means he can be changed on the fly without adding new images.

Here's the link to where Bob can be downloaded:

I am working on 4 other characters, as well as accessories (like phones, tablets, some clothing items, etc.). More info is on my site about those and I'll announce there when I have more available. I am also able to do custom objects and poses.

Enjoy, and please let me know how these are working out should you decide to use Bob. Enjoy!

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Gardner Fair

This character pack looks great!  As a psychotherapist trying to create some personable e-learning programs addressing emotional issues, I especially appreciate emotionally subtle expression.  Thanks!

Just one thing -- when I tried to download it, my virus checker warned me that there were potentially trouble making spyware in the download.  Lots is shared in this great community and I want to shout out my big appreciation.  I just also want to ask whether folks (who I assume have more advanced knowledge and computer power than me on this stuff) utilize extra care (and extra virus/malware programs) in their sharing and downloading?  Or is this not really a worry in our community?  Any thoughts?

Chris Perez

I've got 4 new characters and accessories now up. They are not free, but Bob still is (and will remain free). I wanted to make other options available if you are enjoying using a different look than the usual illustrated characters in Storyline/Presenter.

PM me for more info if interested, thanks!