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Jan 26, 2012

Hi everyone and apologies in advance for my question.  Although I have Articulate, I don't get to use it as often as I would like and so I'm forever rusty!  However used this forum once before and the help was fantastic so here I am again.

I may have imagined this, but is there a template of somekind that enables you to read text as if it you were reading a book i.e. the pages turn like a book would.  I thought I saw it somewhere on the Articulate site, but like I said, I may have imagined it.  Any help/advice or guidance would be gratefully received.



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Brian Duvall

Hi Lorna . . . you may be thinking of the Flipbook community interaction you can download and use in Engage:

Or maybe the tabbed spiral template Tom K. put together (see attachment).

Or since you mentioned pages turning like a book, you may be thinking of a third party tool like Youblisher (there are others out there) that will take a document and convert it to a digital book where readers can flip pages kind of like an actual book:

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