Nov 15, 2013

It's after midnight on a Friday and I'm looking at elearning blogs.  Who says I don't know how to party?!

If you haven't seen this blog post, you should.  Kathy absolutely nails it.  

I was just talking to my colleague about the unbelievable predictability of standard elearning.  And how many SMEs are so tied to the wording of their policies and procedures that they can't see any other way you could possibly deliver the message and maybe, just maybe, bring about behavior change.  


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Bruce Graham

Completely agreed

I have just started creating a series of 60-second "micro-courses" that look at just this sort of thing - using "The Art of the Fool", "The Lure of the Unexpected", "Make it Personal" etc. in a similar way.

Even by just changing the perspective, from the standard eLearning "tell you", to a more personalised "...this is why it matters to me, and to you" perspective can have a dramatic effect on what is remembered.

Thanks for reminding us of these things.

Kevin Hart

Bruce, I LOVE the idea of 60-second micro-courses.   Especially for subjects that you might only generally cover once a year.   I could easily see them as something that goes out on a regular basis.  And if they're really well-done and engaging, they might actually get people to stop cringing when they hear "e-learning."    Wouldn't it be amazing if we all created courses that people looked forward to?  (Like the way I can't wait to see the latest updates from my favorite blogs.)

Out of curiosity, are you uploading them to an LMS that employees have to log into and then find and launch?  Or are you uploading them so they're just a link-click away?

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