Bored of Lorem Ipsum?

May 01, 2013

Have YOU ever needed to generate "random text" for a course?

Have YOU ever wondered if there's an alternative to the standard <boo!> "Lorem Ipsum" code?

Well now - here's 22, (yes folks - 22!) "Ipsum alternatives".

From cupcakes to NASA, vegan food to liquor, from films (contains naughty words) to comics you are SURE to find something for you.


PS - the bacon one appears to be broken :(

PPS - gotta luv "Samuel L Ipsum" !!!

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Bruce Graham

...and I simply HAVE to draw your attention the purrographs created by Catnipsum...  

Catnipsum dolor sit amet catnip chartreux where have u been biting there's a kitten in the bread sam. Purrfection a cat has nine lives exotic catatonic simba. Squeaking mice leap there's a kitten on each shoulder alley cat meow kittens chewing on my hair jingle-bells a cat has nine lives. Catnipsum catnip persian dreamy bed scratching post there's a kitten on my head california spangled cat longhair. Catnipsum fur ball midnight persian nose scratching post shorthair string. Purrfection there's a kitten on my head fur chartreux sleep on your keyboard daisy. Sylvester smokey cat amongst the pigeons climbing boots catnipsum meaaaawww fluffy missy. Garfield daisy charlie tonkinese roll in the grass hellcat purr purr purr. Curl up in a blanket catnipsum patch coco dappled fur. Burmese meew laze in the sun siamese. etc etc etc.

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