Branching based on assessment

Mar 10, 2015

I know I saw a good example of this in the community learning examples.  I am an old school Presenter guy and am new to Storyline. 

Here is an outline of my project

I have a 25 questions assessment broken down into four parts (P1-P4).

The questions types are multiple choice and multiple response . When they finish the assessment I want to build a customized training program by section based on their answers.

So I will have a slide that shows P1 thru P4 with a completion check besides each one when they complete the training for each of the P's which will be customized based on their responses from the assessment. Again I thought I saw something similar but cant seem to find the example.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Steve,

Your design is not as complex as it may seem at first thought. I recently built a similar design where the customized results would dictate the path for the learner.

 I know I have a model of this somewhere in the caverns of my library. :) Few questions first, though:

  1. Are your 25 questions (P1-P4) in a Question Bank?
  2. If not in a Bank, is each Part in their own Scene?
  3. If not the above, assuming then all 25 questions are in one scene and titled/labeled accordingly by which question belongs to which Part?
  4. Do you want to show a correct/incorrect indicator on the final results?
  5. What logic determines advancement? i.e. If learner passed P1 and P2 but failed P3 and P4, the go this direction. Or, if all but P3 was passed they go this direction?

Be glad to throw a model together for you based on the above. Any other details you can share would be helpful, too.

Cheryl Tyler

Hi I'm looking at this kind of scenario so am hoping you are still active in this forum or someone can help.  :)  I have a situation that has a number of pre-test questions and based on  what is answered we'd like to present the learner with what topics they should study.  I've seen something similar called a recommendation engine but I'm hoping it can be done within Storyline so I don't have to go to another tool and do coding.  Thanks

Kevin Thorn

Hi Cheryl,

If I understand correctly, you're describing an "adaptive" path, or adaptive learning based on the results of the pre-test.

Structurally, It can be done in Storyline. The complexity lies in how you design the paths. A few questions come to mind:

  • Can the topics presented be shared across paths?
  • Will the results of the pre-test be based on a scale? Ex: 80-100% = Path 1,  = 60-79% = Path 2, etc.
  • Is their a follow-up test after studying a path? If so, will the results of that follow-up test send the user back through study if lower than expected results?

That's just a few questions that come to mind but probably more if given deeper thought. 

Map it out (outside of Storyline) to visualize the path you're envisioning. From there you can assess where the mechanics are needed to develop the experience.

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