Branching for different users - can you help with ideas & practicalities (Storyline 3)

Feb 24, 2021

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some help and practical advice. 

During lockdown we have replaced our face-to-face talk & leaflet pack introducing the library with an online tutorial. It is a short FAQ format with links to the PDF leaflets and our website. I ended up doing 3 versions as staff asked me to do similar tutorials for other user groups.

Now we're thinking of having a permanent online option, but I'd rather have one tutorial to keep up-to-date, rather than 3.

Some feedback from users suggested that they would like to see more variety of formats - video / audio; and some users were confused by all the leaflets.

So I'm thinking that I need to allow the user to select "who they are", then include branching to different slides depending on what the user has selected - some slides will be the same for different groups, some different.

Can anyone give me any ideas for how to do this or examples of how it might look effective?

I use the tutorial menu - can this be constructed so that users only see 1 path and not all the slides for other users?

BTW here is one of the tutorials I already have:

I'm using storyline 3.

Thanks very much.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Cheryl,

You can use a variable to track the chosen path, and then use Next triggers with conditions to ensure the user follows the selected path. There are more instructions and a sample file here: 

You'll see that the sample file doesn't include the built-in Menu. Unfortunately, there's no way to change what's in the built-in Menu based on the selected path.

  • FYI: It would be possible to build a custom menu object (e.g., a text box or shape) on the Master that changes its state based on the chosen path.  Obviously, that's more work. It would get especially tricky if the menu was long and needed to scroll. But it is doable. 

Here's more info about variables and conditions: 

UPDATE: I'd never done a custom menu, so I decided to try one. I added a comment with a sample custom-menu file to the "TIP" page (accessed via the link near the top of this comment).