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Hi All,

I am working on a project and am stuck with a branching question.  It's probably something simple, but my eyes are glazing over.  8-)

Here is my problem.  I have 4 characters on Slide 1 and clicking each branches to a new path.  Each path has a quiz item that is completed, submitted and results displayed.  The user then clicks the Next button on the player and is taken back to Slide 1, where he/she can click on another character and go through that path/quiz item.  I've got it set up so that the state of each character on Slide 1 is greyed out so the user knows he/she has completed that path.

I have a conclusion slide that I want the user to see as their last slide after they have gone through all paths.  How do I use a trigger/variable/state change/whatever to tell Storyline, "Hey!  The user has completed everything.  Now go to the last slide."?  I tried basing it on the state of the characters, e.g. when state = visited on all four characters go to last slide.  That works fine until you get to the fourth character.  When you click that last one, it disregards the quiz path and takes you directly to the last slide.

Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated!



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Kevin Thorn

Hey David,

Instead of using character states as a means to evaluate, use either a count variable or a True/False variable per character.

Option 1:

- Create a numeric variable with a default value of 0. e.g. PathCount

- Every time a user clicks a character to go down a path, Add+ 1 to that variable.

- When the user returns to Slide 1 where they'd click the Next button to go the last slide add a trigger and evaluate the count - If PathCount is equal to 4 Jump To Slide #

Option 2:

- Create a True/False variable for each character and set their initial value to False. e.g. Char1, Char2, etc.

- When a user clicks a character to advance, switch the variable from False to True.

- Again, when the user returns to Slide 1 add a variable to the Next button - If Char1 AND Char2 AND Char3 AND Char4 are equal to True Jump To Slide #

Hope that helps.

David Lindenberg

Thanks Kevin!  They don't call you Chief Nuggethead for nothin' do they?   

I used Option 1 above and after making sure the +1 trigger was at the top of each character it worked like a charm.  I love the power and flexibility that variables provide, but for someone who was not a big fan of algebra, they are making my noggin spin.  Actually, it's usually the simplest interactions that give me the biggest fits.  Trying to make it harder than it needs to be.  I'm sure no one else has ever had that problem before.  Ha!



David Lindenberg

Hi TJ,

I'm not sure about creating that effect in Presenter.  You could probably come up with a more contrived way by guiding the learner through each item.

For example, you would have your main slide with, say 3 items on it.  The learner clicks Item 1 and goes through Item 1 path.  At the end of that path is a duplicate of your main slide, with Item 1 greyed out.  They would then click Item 2 and go through that path, get to the end and view a slide with Items 1 and 2 greyed out.  Same for Item 3.  This may be way off and there may be an easier way in Presenter.  It's definitely not ideal and isn't truly exploratory, but it tries to emulate that effect.

@Bruce or @Kevin might have some better options?

Storyline makes it seamless with variables and states.  I'm still learning the ins and outs, but am loving every step of the way. 


Phil Mayor

This is possible in Presenter without using Smoke and mirrors.

You can track variables using flash files. A ong time ago we built a flash file that tracked upto 12 branches, ticked off each one as you returned to the hub.  Once all 12 were viewed it showed a button to take you to the next section.

This is similar to the way I would do it in Storyline just more complicated because you use flash files to achieve it.

TJ Wood

yes I have done it using flash also.  It is much more time consuming and I don't personally have Flash so I can develop it but for larger projects it is a possibility. I was hoping we had a fix for it other than flash builds. Again thanks for the info.

Here is another question I have posted in another area that I have not had a response on yet. Maybe someone here can help.

This is my first time posting a question. I have a slid I am developing in PPT 2007 and I have animations in it and I want them to play and then I want to add a Camtasia video I have to play right after the other animations.

Can I do this on the same slide and if so how?

If not Can I make the next slide come in and start the play automatically?