BreakCal - Let's see how much calories you had today?

Feb 28, 2016

How much calories I had today? I am sure, most of us have this question in our minds, alarming us especially when we eat delicious pizza slices, cheese sandwiches and juicy steaks J. We would like to track how much calories we have had in a day that’s why we wear health related devices like iWatch, fitbit and many more.


Keeping an eye on that, I came with an idea to design breakfast menu in Articulate Storyline 2 that will calculate your calories. Not only that, each item you selected will be recorded on google drive with date and time. So, it will track your breakfast calories on weekly or monthly basis. The name of the project is called “BreakCal”.

You just have to enter your name, email and select the item from the table. It will give you a number total calories and save it on Google Sheets. Let’s see what you had today :)


Coming Soon: I am planning to add more meals into it which will help you to track down more calories. Side by side, I am also planning to add lunch and dinner that will help us to track down the meal for the whole day.

Since we (instructional designers) can’t live without articulate storyline 2 then why don’t we use the same software to manage our health and wellness.

Please click on the link below to see the project

Your results are saved in Google Drive.

Have a look and give your valuable feedback.

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