Bringing Articulate Characters into Rise

On a recent Rise project, I needed some images that showed people's emotions.  Trying to find stock images (free or otherwise) can be challenging if you need them for a specific topic or environment. So, I opened Storyline and pulled out some characters from there.

Here are some examples of what I used:

Listen, Empathize, Document

Used in Rise example


Telling a friend about a bad experience

It's easy to add the image into Storyline, but some users forget you can crop the characters so you only see from the waist up, or as headshots.

Once you have your character set up the way you need, you can easily export/save it to your desktop and insert it as an image in Rise.

For those pictures that have 2 characters or I combined, I cropped them in Storyline, copied them to PowerPoint, grouped them together there, and saved as one image.  (grouping and exporting in SL saves them individual images, grouping and exporting in PPT saves it as one image).



I could have also imported the slides as Storyline blocks into Rise.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Good tips. In our Rise webinars, we usually tell people to install Studio 360 so they have access to the Content Library characters in PowerPoint. And from there, we show people how to leverage PowerPoint for easy image creating.

Here are three upcoming webinars on using PowerPoint for graphics and in Rise 360.