Build a community of passionate product advocates

Prepare yourself for a big, broad question...

Our situation

I work at a wonderful company with users who love our product (healthcare IT integration).  My background is primarily in building product training.  We have an online user community with a forum where customers interact over questions, and we can post content about our product/industry. We have an annual user group meeting in person that is well attended, and we have free monthly user group sessions (1 hour) where we and customers present various topics.

I say all this to say, we're off to a great start with building our community. Now, we're trying to see what we can do to better equip our already happy customers when they're talking about our product with other potential users (either in informal or formal conversations).  We're trying to identify various initiatives (big and small) we could start to get our users even more educated on our products and ensure they truly understand the value and how much the product could be leveraged.

Big, broad question

What are some resources and tips you have on building an active, engaged, passionate, and knowledgeable user community?

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Bruce Graham

Have you gone out and asked THEM what THEY would like to grow the community - emphasising the benefits OF a larger and vibrant community to them?

Perhaps approach a few of your "rainmakers", the ones that bring in the money, or interested parties, and start to build around their needs. Then you can use their interest as a selling point - "Look at the benefits xyz corporation got from doing abc...What would YOU like to do?" and so on.

Hope that helps.