Build Interactive PDF in either Rise or Storyline

Oct 25, 2021

I'd like to train my staff on how to fill out a PDF.  Rather than just use Peek or Storyline to record the screen, I'd like to create a guided lesson where the user will click through a sequence and the answer (one I provide) appears.  The pdf form I use has already been created and approved for use for the user to fill in and complete.

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Bianca Woods

Hi Osbia,

That's a great question! One option you might want to try out is creating a software simulation in Storyline 360.

Start by recording a screencast in Storyline of how to fill out the interactive PDF. Then insert that screen recording not as a video but as Try Mode Step-by-Step Slides. That breaks up the video into different slides for each action you took in your screen recording. It also adds in interactions and feedback. The final user experience then ends up feeling a lot like the real software experience, and it's much faster than building the interactions in Storyline from scratch with screenshots. Here's some more information on how it works.