Building a mental health and suicide prevention course

I work for a charity and would like to create a storyline course addressing supporting mental health in the workplace and suicide prevention. Have any of you created such a course in the past and are willing to send me the file to learn from?

I am keen not to have to start from scratch if possible as my time is so limited. 

Thank you so much

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Emily Saxon

What are the odds... I am also building a course on PTSD and suicide prevention. I'm about 6ish months into development. I can't send you the file because it's not my own content, but I'd be more than happy to talk about the general design with you and maybe help you get something going. This is a subject I'm pretty darn passionate about, so just reach out! If you'd like to email me, my address is

Bianca Woods


That sounds like such a useful topic for a course! While these community examples of courses related to mental health might not cover the exact breadth of what you want yours to cover, they could be good starting points for ideas.