Building e-learning courses available through subscription

Hi all,

I have been Articulate for a while now ajnd I was just wondering...

If I had an LMS, how could I set this up so that a user could only access these via a subscription?

(obviously paid for by credit card, visa etc online).

These courses would be available over the world-wide-web and a user could either order

these for himself individually or on behalf of a group of individuals for a set time period

which could be 1, 2, 3 or 6 months, which they could obviously choose from a web-based interface.

Is there any LMS that includes this functionality that I could use with a set of Articulate courses that
I have already created?

I have used CLIX and created users from my end and gave them access privileges etc and allowed them to

access specific courses over a set time period but I was thinking if there was a web-based system connected to an LMS where the user could subscribe to...

Thanks in advance.


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Andrew Keogh

AO API allows for this:

There is also another way.

Set up some dummy accounts


password: passanything1


password: passanything2

set up as many as you need.

Then sell items on a shop cart, e.g.



each item would only have 1 product in stock.

when the purchaser buys the product they would receive an autoreply for that product which would contain the temporary username and password. Because each item has only 1 in stock you never give the user details to more than one user. You could then switch these later to the users proper email address.

David Becker

Check out Accord LMS too, it has eCommerce and is .net so has heaps of plug in modules for other functions. Also if you didnt really need the reporting of the LMS, maybe consider wordpress. Plenty of plug-ins there for selling digital products. Finally, good old moodle. pretty sure some folks offer ecommerce integration for it. The benefit of wordpress and moddle is that they are both free.