Building graphics

Hi, huge apologies if this isn't the best place to post, but looking for tips on creating a custom graphic...I'm trying to create a cartoon-like rounded TV screen to hold some videos (bouncy, informal, shiny, slightly over-the-top colours etc). Have played around in ppt and efforts so far are a little flat and tame, to say the least. (See scaled-down version below - the outline looks a lot bigger in relation to the rectangle since I resized the shape quickly to make it smaller for this post.)

Not necessarily after specific answers -although any appreciated - but If anyone can point me in the right direction for tips on adding depth etc, please let me know! (Or even suggest some good images for inspiration...will keep looking in the meantime!)

Thanks : )

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Tamara Muroiwa

Hey all, thanks again for your detailed responses! A little late in passing on the feedback, but feel free to have a look at the final result!

(Had a go at building my own version of the screen at the link Jeannette provided, and then applied some of what that taught me.)