Building large courses?

Apr 27, 2020

My background is building courses right in moodle and organizing the activities and quizzes using moodles timeline, straight down the page using hyperlinks. I'm looking to start developing using rise to make that look way better, which would then be tracked by moodle but don't know if this is the best idea for large courses? For example. My course is 22 units long. Covers an entire textbook of content. 70-100 hours of content. Is this something that is able to be done in rise without it becoming so large that it becomes clunky? Perhaps I'm overthinking this but I didn't want to invest a month learning and trying, only to find that I need a different way. Does anyone use rise to build courses that would span the content of 80 plus hours of materials when its all said and done? Thanks for any insight.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Bilbo,

From a technical standpoint, you could definitely recreate your textbook in a single Rise 360 course. However, from an instructional design standpoint, I would recommend breaking it down into a series of smaller courses. Doing it this way will make taking the courses a lot less intimidating for learners and allow them to focus on one topic at a time. Here's an article on this technique that you may find useful.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Billy Zwiener

Thank you for the resource. I'm all about restructuring for micro learning but I'm having a hard time envisioning how that might look in a layout. Might someone be willing to show an example of a huge course that's laid out in micro learning so my brain can envision what to do? Even if it's just a note 


For example. My course right now is laid out as such



                                 Unit 1 Content

                                 Unit 1 Terms

                                 Unit 1 Activity

                                 Unit 1 Quiz


                                 Unit 2 Content

                                 so on and so on....


This requires the learner to do large amounts of work in each category and then return to the main page where their progress is organized from the timeline. If anyone is familiar with Moodle timeline this will be pretty familiar with them. This design is almost natural to moodle but feels clunky and yes, has a LOT of info in each portion. I would love to actually break it down into micro content but just don't have a proper vision on what the interface would look like in rise. I saw a downloadable  lock menu from articulates site that looks nice. I'm imagining this type of thing could be placed into Rise with the "storyline block" but this would leave me more or less structured like I already am in moodle and not so much broken down into short segments. Again, if anyone has any helpful articles, or even notes to show a rough layout that would be super helpful. Thank you.


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