Business Process for Loading Online Courses

Jul 12, 2013

Currently, we are going through an upgrade of our LMS.  I'd like to also take this opportunity to put a business process in place for uploading new online courses on our system.  I'd like to have rules such as: 24-hour turnaround due to testing the course in staging.  Do any of you have business processes in place for this very thing?  I just don't know where to begin...

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Natalia Mueller

I tend to include these tasks in the Implementation section of the project plan for each course. I prefer to do it that way so the time needed to complete those tasks is factored in, but I still have the flexibility to adjust to the needs of each project. Even then I keep it pretty high level but I do have a check list/job aid for the upload process. That's just about where to click and what fields to populate though.

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