But, um, what if I still wanna FLASH after January 12, 2021

Feb 10, 2021

Please don't start stoning me?

*Because* not everyone is going cold turkey. I'm reading Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning (2nd ed). And all of the wonderful examples of alleninteractions.com (or zebr.as/ ) are all unplayable (for obvious reasons). 

And as you probably already know, Jan. 12 was the day Adobe disabled ANY/ALL Flash content you dare play on that old, rickety, doom-ridden Flash Player in <your BROWSER> cuz you have a pre-Death copy . However:  <<January 12>>.

The 2 emulators I found (one being ruffle.rs) want you to load the location of the .swf file. But of course, elearning courses contain those evil lil buggers (.swf's) wrapped in html , hence the need to play on a browser. (I know, there's "dig around the html and hunt down the .swf(s) yourself" option, I might try that).  

But seriously, NO ONE in this vast Community of (*big smile* ... wonderful, intelligent, kind, helpful, and sometimes too modest) persons , no one knows a hack, a browser-esque app, an add-on, a plugin, perhaps only spoken in private and then, only in whispers. (That means, feel free to DM me)

I'm guessing if such a solution really did exist somewhere, a google search would help tease it out into the foreground (or at least by page 3 or 4!) 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope what I speak about above is not blasphemy, or isn't (is?) now sacrosanct.

Most Sincerely,




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