Buttons on the master slide don't keep the state

I have created a few buttons and put them on a masterslide.

I also gave these buttons a special 'visited' state.

This works fine when used on only one slide with layers.

I want to keep the state of the buttons when the user moves to the next slide.

However, what happens is that the states are set back to 'normal'.

I must do something wrong but I can't figure out why. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.



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Jerson  Campos

I think the problem is with placing the buttons on the masterslide. Everytime you go to a new slide, it will "redraw" the elements on the masterslide so it is like the user never clicked on them. One suggestion is to create a variable that is assigned true if the user has clicked on the button. Then when the slide loads it will check if the variable is true and change the button state to "visited". There might be a slight 1/8 of a sec flicker, but shouldn't be noticable.

Wim Timmerman

Thanks for all suggestions. So far no working solution. Here is what I did:

1. Create a button on the master slide, with a special state (completed). Button has another color and a green check mark.

2. Create a True/False VARiable for this button, default is False

3. Create a trigger that sets the VAR to True when button is clicked.

4. Create a trigger that changes the state to 'completed' when VAR is True.

Still when you go to this page, the original state is shown, not my  'completed' state.

More suggestions are very welcome.

I have overcome all this by putting everything on one page and work with layers.

However, in this case I would prefer to work with different scenes and pages rather than layers.

There will be around 15+ buttons to go to the different pages.

When I use different pages I can use layers on these pages too.

Hope Conway

I created a slide master that has a row of buttons at the top that link to the different scenes so they show up on every page.  However when I preview and select the buttons they work correctly as far as the linking goes however it will not show the selected state so you don't know what section you are on.  If you click it twice it then sometimes shows the selected state.  Do I use variables to get this to work properly and if so how?   I have attached a screen grab of the buttons on the master slide.

Jerson  Campos

Are you using the built in states? I usually avoid this when I build buttons. With all the standard states, Storyline runs its own set of triggers that activate these and it will override what you have written.  So create your own custom state ( Visited -2 ) and then run a set of triggers. Could be something like this

Change State of Atomic Structer to Visited -2

  - If Atomic_Structure is True

Don't forget to set the other sections to false.

Hope Conway


Should I delete all the built in states and create my own or just the visited state?

I made atomic structure true and everything else false and added the trigger you suggested but I believe since the master slide resets every time it goes to a new slide or scene that is why the button state for the nav bar does not hold.