Buy storyline source files

Is there anywhere to buy source files online for reuse/resale? 

I am sure a lot of us are reinventing the wheel constantly for various projects, would it make sense in some cases to buy the 'basic course' and spend the time adapting it to the company/culture/specific need .etc rather than developing everything from scratch? 

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David Lindenberg

Hi Sean!

Welcome to the forums! First, for free, I'd check in the Downloads section to see if there is anything you can re-purpose to fit your needs.

Elearning Heroes members frequently post free source files for simple interactions to full-blown templates. Staff members also post templates. I'd check the Building Better Courses discussion section and the Storyline Hub.

If you need to go the paid route, two that come to mind are: and

Good luck! Learning

Thank you David, I'm sure like many I have been reading for some time :-)

I guess my query is more related to a scenario where, for example a client requests a known course such as Communication skills (or something relatively universal) but wants it tailored to their culture or way of working. Rather than starting from scratch, I wonder is there a middle point where I don't have to do a full Design and research the content or ask them to provide it, but save them the cost (ideally!) by taking existing content and making some critical edits to the required parts (if that makes sense :-) )