Calculating Using Reference Points

I created a breakeven analysis using Mike Ender's Create a Simple Calculation in Articulate Storyline (long version) instructions (AWE-SOMEE!) on setting and passing variables.  However, I used reference text to pull calculations from previous screens. Now that I need to use those cells as a part of the total cost, I am not sure if SL can compute using the references. If not, is there a workaround? I've attached a screenshot. I need to limit the input of the learner. Thank you for your help.

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Mike Enders

Hey Jessica!

I'm glad the video was helpful! It's been a few years since my brain has been in this particular space, but you should totally be able to do this. However, you won't, technically, be using the reference to do the calculation. 

A reference is simply a visual representation of (it simply displays) the current value of the underlying variable. So when you create the triggers for your calculation, you'll still be using the numeric variables themselves.

The key thing to know here is that variables will travel across slides. So if you assign a variable a particular value on slide 1, it will retain that value on slide 2 and can be used in a calculation.

I've put together a quick explanation in a .story file. I think this is what you're after but, if not, just let me know and we can tweak to make it work!