Call to Articulate to update Studio 9 tutorials/lessons to Studio 13 and provide reference documentation

While the majority of the implementation is similar there are definite differences between Presenter 9 and Presenter 13. I have been working only peripherally for many years with Studio 9 but last year I lost my key developer and had to take things over. The migration to Studio 13 has been far more difficult than I expected. I am being forced to rebuild the player controls and design etc and I have been finding it exasperating to figure out where to find what I am looking for. 

I was just watching the wonderful tutorial done by Jeannette Brooks - - which is great but it is Studio 9 based. This community based how to is great but the truth is that if you have questions about Studio 13 there is NO reference documentation and the chat tech's will send you link to this Studio 9 piece instead of directly answering questions.

I spent 4+ hours on an exasperating chat session (would have been an hour at best if it had been a phone call!) and had 2 dozen questions that all boiled down to me not being able to find documentation for Studio 13. 

I think the user community should be demanding baseline help materials. What happened to the good old days of straightforward and boring reference materials? I would be pleased to see Articulate address this.

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Brian Duvall

Articulate is usually pretty good about updating all their material when they release a new version of software.  I looked on this site, and it appears this page provides the latest tutorials specific to all the components of Studio '13:

My guess is this is NEW material specific to Studio '13, not re-branded Sudio '09 material.  I have not verified that, because we are now using Storyline instead of Studio.

Not sure if this is where you were looking before.  If not, maybe you'll find this stuff more in-line with what you were looking for.