Calling all e-learning folks who work in healthcare organizations

Feb 14, 2012

Received a note from a blog reader who is looking for healthcare organizations to benchmark with. She's looking to broaden her organization's e-learning curriculum, and she wants to compare notes about what's working (and what's not) when it comes to developing & deploying e-learning in a hospital or healthcare organization.

What a cool opportunity to connect with someone in the same industry and help each other improve your organization's e-learning effectiveness!

If you work in a healthcare setting and would be willing to share your experiences with a fellow community member, please add a reply to this post, or send me a message (you can click on my name and choose "send private message"). Thanks!

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Jane Kelly-Cummings

Hi All,

I work as a Nurse Educator/Sr. Instructional Designer for a National (International) Non Profit Patient Safety Company - ECRI Institute.  We too offer courses to providers to improve their patient safety issues for hospitals and physician offices.  If this is an area of interest to you please let me know and perhaps we can help.



Karina Campbell

Hi from New Zealand - I work for a large district health board and always looking for opportunities to learn new ideas and fresh ways of doing our e-Learning. Looks like the idea of a user group is a popular one so how do we set it up and get sharing?! Thanks Jeanette for posting this initially and getting the thread going - loving your work!

Ingrid Johnston

Hi, I am a pharmacist in Victoria (Aus) with a special interest in developing elearning modules for staff in aged care facilities that focus on medication administration but have limited time and experience in this area (so far!). 

Like a number of others, I have recently become an avid reader but this is my first post and I add my congratulations to the Articulate team - not sure I have ever seen a community of people who are so willing to share. Thanks, I find your help invaluable.

Would love to be part of a user group

David McCullough

I was just wondering if any of you are using the "Articulate Suite" to build scenario based clinical education?  I also would like to know if anyone is developing clinical competecy education.  I believe there are some extremely powerful uses  of Articulate to assist in clinical education, even in small healthcare organizations that do not have access to a LMS. 

Catharina Olsson


I work as a consultant helping various healthcare companies situated in Sweden with various elearning projects. I have produced clinical education material, service engineer knowledge assessment and certification tests, and healthcare sales and product training using the Articulate Suite.

Please add me to the group.

Parul Thakrar

We currently specialise in e-learning within the Health Care Sector. The work has been quite varied .The most difficult project we found was when working with Medical Device Companies and their regulations!

Have a look at some of our videos we have created which show the e-learning we created:

We've even been given pile of manuals on a drug manufacturing process and this sure did test the skills of our Instructional Designers and our e-learning developers!!We got there in the end and we did it in 2 different languages! Happy to provide all the details in detail if required and some of the do's and don’ts!!

If you want access to the courses then log onto our LMS (create your own account)

Alan Denne

Hi, I would love to be involved in a healthcare focused group. I work in a large NHS mental health Trust and we are providing more and more of our subjects via e-learning. I'm a bit of a newbie myself (my background is nursing and I generally teach face-to-face) but am keen to create packages that will break down the "I dont do e-learning" barrier! Looking forward to Tom Kuhlmann's masterclass in London in May!

eLearning Development

Hi All;

I work for a medium sized EMS service in Saskatchewan Canada and we have been doing elearining for a couple of years.  I would love to be a part of a health care oriented group.

Elizabeth;  we are doing something similar right now with a new electronic patient care record.  My focus has been to try to give my staff access to poke around the ePCR software in a virutal environment through the use of screen captures and screencasts and then give them tasks to do again using the screencast tool that pushes them further into the software and gives them feedback on their correct choices.

I like to give them the need to know information first and give them practical exercises to do and give them access to nice to know so they dont get overwhelmed with all of the intricacies of the software.


Guido  Cascino

We have used Articulate for a few years, primarily for training nurses in chronic care and healthcare communications. We use Moodle as our LMS and overall it's worked great for us.

We are updating the program now and I would be happy to share and learn what others are doing. As Christine mentioned we are taking most of the content that was previously in about 1000 ppt slides and moving it out of Articulate and putting it in a print manual. We're a little nervous because some students like sitting back and flipping through the slides in Articulate--and have mentioned that they would feel a little lost if they had to go through a 350 page manual on their own. However, we think it's the right choice.

Now we want to build about 10 to 15 hours of activities in Articulate to supplement the manual, using the capabilities of Engage, which we barely tapped in previous version of our program. (Unfortunately our lead Articulate person has been diagnosed with a serious illness. Sorry to stay off topic, but anyone interested in some consulting work? Please DM me). Look forward to learning more about what others are doing in the healthcare space, we have had close to 2500 nurses complete our program so far.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Guido - it sounds like you definitely have your hands full with developing all that healthcare e-learning content! Since you mentioned you might need an e-learning/Articulate consultant or contractor, I wanted to mention that you are welcome to share more info about that job opening in a separate post here in the E-Learning Heroes forums, if you like ... it would probably get more visibility that way. A good place to put it would be in the "General Discussion" forum.

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