Calling all e-learning folks who work in healthcare organizations

Received a note from a blog reader who is looking for healthcare organizations to benchmark with. She's looking to broaden her organization's e-learning curriculum, and she wants to compare notes about what's working (and what's not) when it comes to developing & deploying e-learning in a hospital or healthcare organization.

What a cool opportunity to connect with someone in the same industry and help each other improve your organization's e-learning effectiveness!

If you work in a healthcare setting and would be willing to share your experiences with a fellow community member, please add a reply to this post, or send me a message (you can click on my name and choose "send private message"). Thanks!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hey all! Just wanted to remind everyone that if you haven't yet heard, this thread became so lively that there's now an E-Learning in Healthcare Monthly Discussion Group, which is being coordinated by 'Nita Venter and Doug Mattson. The March discussion topic is posted here in case you'd like to join the conversation.

Feel free to send a private message to 'Nita or Doug if you have ideas for future monthly discussion topics that would be especially relevant to folks who develop elearning for healthcare organizations.

Andy Johnson

I think one of the best options if she has not already spoke with them is to check out which handles a ton of different health related treatment centers, non profits and different organizations that could help what you're looking for. Obviously health care and the health industry as a whole has a ton of work ahead but we are educating more and more people about the problems that are stake and I believe over time with the research that is being conducted, there are only good things in our future. If you know anyone interested in getting into the field an would like to study this, check out which offers numerous programs dedicated to the health field. I wish you the best of luck and I hope this helps!

Eric V

Hi. I think I am a bit different than the others here, but I focus on alternative medicine, specifically chinese medicine. Primarily we deal with continuing education for professionals in the field. We do alot of reproductive endocrinology courses and chinese medicine fertility courses using articulate and adobe connect. I have also studied to be a doctor of chinese medicine myself

Michele Haywood


I would love to connect with you.  I have been taking courses in the Medical Office/Billing and Coding specialty in order to develop training in this area.  In addition, I am an Instructional Designer developing courses for colleges and training facilities. 

Designing for healthcare presents a unique set of challenges for the learner and the designer.


Angela Castiel


I'm an Instructional Designer in a non-profit hospital system of approx 5,000 employees in Florida.   I get my course content from our SMEs (Clinal Resource Coordinators)  usually in a PowerPoint.  My job is to make it LMS ready by adding navigation, interaction, tests, etc.  I am trying to include more scenarios and to move away from the linear page turning mode, but as many of you have said, it's a bit of a challenge  in healthcare.  Would love to see examples of how anyone has  handled this challenge and of course, if I can provide any ideas, feel free to contact me.  I mainly use Lectora. Now looking forward to Storyline, though. 

Thanks for all the posts! 

deb creghan

Angela - I work for a non-profit health system also, and I understand your challenge.  We use questioning and a form of Cathy Moore's Action Mapping method to get our SMEs to focus on behaviors rather than information.  It helps us get answers to "what do you want them to DO?" and also helps to trim down some of the information that is included in the course.  Let me know if you want to talk about it further... I'm happy to share what we do.

Meg Bertapelle

Hi Angela, check out our blog at and join us tomorrow at 11am Eastern for a twitter chat w/hashtag #chat2lrn.  This week's topic is Lost in Translation: Working with SMEs - you might get some great tips from the discussion!  Also search ASTD ICE 2012 session materials - there are a lot of SME-related sessions.

hope to "see" you tomorrow on Twitter!


Elizabeth Miles

Hi Angela -

I'm not sure if you're referring to compliance training or health related scenarios, but I'm happy to share these examples that I put together as part of my job at a nursing school:

The long version of the ABG module includes a pre-test that students must pass with a score of 100%.  If they don't, they're branched to remediation before moving on to the scenarios.  The short version contains only the scenarios.

The Shift Change module was a demo that I built in Storyline for an instructor who wanted something scenario based in her course. Keep in mind that this was just a mockup with no SME input and the content might not be entirely accurate.

I had great SME input on the ABG module, but that isn't always the case as our faculty are incredibly busy with other obligations and don't have the time to develop cases/scenarios.  I like Deb's approach of focusing on behaviors rather than information and intend to try that tactic with my next project!

Angela Castiel

Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions.  I appreciate it lots. 

@deb creghan-- would love to talk further... how do I contact you?

@megbertapelle -- I don't twitter, but was going to sign up to participate, however got called to a meeting and missed it.  I'll look up the hashtag!

@Elizabeth Miller-- loved the Shift Change Report.  Where are the characters movies from?  Great job...

Elizabeth Miles

Thanks, Angela!  I created the characters using Xtranormal desktop with a green screen background.  That allowed me superimpose them over a picture of our clinical learning center, and it actually cost very little as Xtranormal and the first character were free.  The only trick is that you have to use an older version of Windows Movie Maker and download a green screen plug-in to pull it all together.  From there I used the Articulate video encoder to finalize each movie for Storyline.  And the best part is that it runs on an iPad!

Pam Jones

Hi all - wow interesting discussion. Clearly elearning works for healthcare given the number of posts on this three.

I was involved in a large elearning programme in the UK which was set up by the Dept of Health

We developed elearning modules as part of a  blended approach in over 50 medical disciplines ranging from anaesthetics, radiology to end of life care. The programme no longer develops any further modules, but users can still access the elearning; completely free for them and avilable on the NHS National LMS.

We developed the elearning using Learn eXact Packager authoring and used no audio. As most would be accessing the elearning from hospitals, PCs in hospital are lower spec and tended to (then anyway) have no sound cards.

Areally joy to be part of the project.

Kate Jurd

I work in medical education (hospital based) and have been creating elearning modules and courses for medical staff, these range from online mandatory training modules to clinical/patient mgt scenarios.  Over the past few months I have been having a fabulous time creating resoures with storyline. Its a brilliant tool!.  happy to share and see what others are doing.

Richard Woods

Hello I have a customer that wants to use  a Bookmark feature and time delay on navigation buttons. I have looked through the Articulate suite in Presenter, Quizmaker and nothing like those features are there.

Now I am using SCROM 1.2 and I have tested it and once I leave a section in quizmaker and then return to it it starts the course over again from the begining.

Any thoughts on this and am I missing something.


Richard L. Woods

Lu Post

I'm new to the forum, but not to e-learning. I own a subscription-based platform and provide e-learning to the home health and hospice industries. We build content using Flash, Toolbook, Articulate Studio, and now we;re excited to use Storyline. I would enjoy connecting with others who are developing e-learning for healthcare.

Daniel Lynn

Hi folks, just call me Danny.  I have 22 years in CBT, WBT Design/Development. The last 6 have been with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. The 9 before that with USA the NASA main contractor for Shuttle Station Operations. So, I have a bit of experience to offer. Was a "Forum" ever actually formed here for healthcare people? If so where can I find it?

I haven't read all of the posts here yet but I have an interesting Link to offer at  BioDigital Human: Anatomy and Health Conditions in Interactive 3D. Most of the features are free.

I hope I'm not too late to join in here. I have found discussions by searching 'healthcare"...

Daniel Lynn
Sr. Instructional Developer