calling for creative examples

Hi everyone,

We are building a case as to why we should move away from stagnant online training packages and into more interactive, engaging one.  I am looking for examples of this being done, preferably highly visible and known organisations, and any statistics around this paradigm shift.  Our workforce is diverse, but tends to be conservative...

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

ps. we currently use Presenter 09, Captivate and Flash..moving towards Storyline in '14.

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Kevin Hart

First, congrats on trying to get them to move away from the stagnant.   It's kind of amazing that people need convincing to do this, but they do.  And I think you're aiming for the right information to get them there. 

I don't have a lot to offer you because A) we're not a high profile company and B) we're relatively new in the elearning scene and don't have a ton of statistics.    One well-done course was all it took to convince those in power to move to interactive courses.  But we're in a different boat from you because we didn't have much elearning to begin with.

Quick question, have you had the chance to take one of the stagnant courses you already have and turn it into something interactive with a free trial of storyline?    It wouldn't even need to be an entire course (though that would be great) and then show them the before and after. 

I'll be curious if you're able to find statistics, however.