Can a single slide in a course be set up to portrait orientation?

Apr 10, 2017

Howdy,  my SL 2 course will include a slide with a "form" that the user can print out.  Most of the text will be static, with the slide capturing only the user name and reflecting which lessons the user completed during the course (accomplished with state changes and variables).  The "form" needs to be in portrait orientation (it looks too squished in landscape).  Is there a way to set only this slide to portrait?  

If not, is there another way to accomplish what I'm after - a professional looking form for the user to print out?

I've attached a copy of the "form".  Thanks so much!

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Hoffman  EMS Consulting

my understanding is IF you go to a BLANK master slide go to drawing tools and then you can set the size to anything you want. Just exchange width and height. Then go to that single slide that you have and use that slide master. Now, I have been trying this myself since I have the same issue. You can see if it works. I have had partial results. Maybe a hero can step in and tells us the missing step.

Good luck.



Lynn Harrison

Thanks Allison,

Downloading from the resources tab won't work because the "document" includes text boxes that will be populated by actions the learners took during the course.  I need to capture a name, as well as the lessons the learner reviewed in the course. The course includes six lessons. The lessons will display as crossed out unless the learner reviewed it - as demonstrated in the attachment.

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