Can anyone recommend any subtitling software?

We are recording in storyline 3 and adding subtitles, but not publishing to an LMS.  Instead were are using the mp4 files elsewhere.  Unfortunately the subtitles do not come across with the mp4 file,  you can export the subtitles from storyline 3 separately.  Can anyone recommend any subtitling software which will bring the mp4 and subtitling file (.vtt) together?

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Sati Purewal

Thank you Joe,

I have looked at the software and tested out a few things.  Its a great piece of software.  Unfortunately I'm having problems importing the vtt captions file from Storyline 3.  I have tried to save in different formats e.g. sbv and srt but still not working.  I could enter manually but this is time consuming especially when SL3 has done all the work for me.  Camtasia only supports SAMI or SRT.

Mike DiFonzo


I just found this website and it seems to work.

I exported the VTT caption file from SL. You can upload that to this site, click Convert. In the Output: Converted SRT section there's an icon to download the SRT file. 

I went into Camtasia and imported this SRT and the captions appeared at the given timestamps.