Can anyone tell me where to find this sample course?

I remember seeing a course several months ago while poking around the community, but for the life of me, I can't find it again. The intro slide showed the background of a schoolroom, with a bookcase on the left and a TV screen or computer monitor on the right. A video of a woman's head played on the screen, explaining what the content was going to be about. During the video, she pointed or looked toward different "books" on the shelf to her right that the viewer could click on to branch to various parts of the lesson.

I can't remember what the name of the module was, or even what the content was, but it had a really neat intro and template. Can anyone help me locate where it is? I checked under the Guru awards and everywhere else I can think of, but no luck.


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Beverly Scruggs

I may be brave anough to share it when it's complete. I've only been using Articulate for about six months, so I don't feel my modules are nearly as sophisticated as those I've seen by others here, although our employees seem to like what I've done so far. But I'm getting there (I hope)!