Can I build a course that times out?

Mar 20, 2019

I am building a safety training course and wanted to know if it is possible to have it time out (or) return to the course agenda page if someone is idle for longer than 5 minutes?

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Tom Kuhlmann

It depends on how you define idle. You could have a trigger that jumps to slide X at a specific time.

  • Create a timer with variable and trigger based on the value of the variable.¬†
  • When it reaches a specific value trigger it to go to another slide or layer for feedback.

It depends on when you start idle time. You could start it at the end of the slide timeline. And reset the variable at the beginning or each slide. Or just figure you have 5 minutes to get through the slide and start it at the beginning of the slide.

Alicia Myles

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for your rapid response!!

I think I asked the wrong question, but here's my dilemma:

We use Skillsoft/SkillPort to produce our e-learning courses and because we need to track how much time each employee is spending in the course, we would like for this training to time out or close if someone is idle for 5 minutes. I contacted them and they told me that their portal doesn't perform this function for custom content; and that I should be able to adjust my course to cause it to time out.

If that is true, I am totally unaware of how it's done.

Alicia Myles-Wartts

Alicia Myles

Hi again,

This video is amazing!! I didn't know I could do that and I am definitely going to use this technique!! Thank you for creating this video to help me - this is much appreciated! I love Articulate, the community and all of the staff because everyone is so helpful and determined to create excellent training!

Alicia Myles-Wartts 

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