Can I build an Excel worksheet into Storyline?

Oct 03, 2017

Hi all -

I have been looking today at linking out to an Excel worksheet from a Storyline project. It seems from testing that there is no issue with creating some kind of trigger that will activate a download of the worksheet for the user to open in Excel, but more specifically what i would like to know is: 

Can I embed an Excel worksheet into a 'web object' type window so that the user is not diverted away from the course and can scroll through and interact with Excel through the Storyline slide itself? Much like opening a web object...

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Matt Round

Thanks Allison, 

I'm not sure I can due to confidentiality and restrictions. The Excel sheet I'm looking to use is more of a support tool with complex functionality built in, I'm not sure this is something that could translate into Google Sheets? 

Good to know for the future though and thank you for your response. 

Allison LaMotte

Hi Matt,

I'm not sure what your confidentiality rules are, but in Google Sheets you can limit the access to a list of people, so you may want to look into that. As far as the complexity, I'm not sure what the limitations of Google Sheets are. You could always try and convert it and see what happens. Otherwise, you could look into whether or not Microsoft offers a similar solution - a collaborative web version of Excel. I use Google so I'm not sure, but maybe they have something like that now.

Hope that helps! :)

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