Can I create Situational Judgement Assessments in Storyline?

"Create situational wot?"

A situational judgement question works like this:

First there is a question (called the 'the stem') that poses the situation (i.e. "You are  at a bar and see another person who looks attractive to you. Do you:...")

The second part of the question poses four or five possible actions:

- Walk over and introduce yourself?

- Jump on the bar to attract their attention and belt out your best Beyonce number?

- Smile at them

- Roll up in a ball and make strange quacking noises

For each alternative the respondent is asked to indicate whether they AGREE or DISAGREE (or Don't Know) with EACH as an appropriate cause of action


Then give a rating for each of their answers on the a sliding scale of confidence (Not at all Confident to Very Confident)

The assessment then calculates

[1]. How many responses were correctly indicated as being appropriate or not appropriate

[2]. How confident the respondent was with their answers


This enables the identification of people who might be WRONG but Very Confident (i.e. incompetent confident) - depending on what the assessment is measuring these people could be high risk (they need training ASAP)

It also enables the identification of people who are right but not confident (Manager's should coach and support)

And those who are both confident and correct (Well done them)

It can also enable the identification of specific questions where people are not confident or always wrong (or right I guess)

So all in all a very powerful assessment methodology

But can it be created in Storyline 3?  Any thoughts?




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Andreas Zitek
Kevin Hayes

Thanks Joanne - I think you're spot on.  This will probably really stretch the coding possibility within variables but you're right.  It should work.

Hello, Kevin! Did you ever succeed with your scenario on situational judgment assessment! Could you provide some more info? I am also trying to develop such a test! Thank you!