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Trina Rimmer

Hi Josephine. I'm a little unclear on what you're trying to do. Could you clarify it for me? Are you looking to hear from people who develop e-learning as part of a team, or are you looking for people to share their best practices around completing Storyline courses in a shared user environment - like a training room, for instance?  

john faulkes

I'm late to pick this up Josephine, but I see you haven't had many replies. Do you mean you want to connect people who are taking Storyline courses and have them share information, or perhaps collaborate to learn together? If not, ignore this post, but if this is the sort of thing you are meaning, it's not easy with most LMS's but we can do this. Unfortunately you perhaps can't come to visit as we are in the UK, but happy to converse remotely or talk on (e.g.) skype perhaps.


Joanne Fitzpatrick

HI all,

I am a high school math teacher in greater Boston.  I would love to incorporate mini courses from Articulate Storyline into my classes.  I think it could be a really powerful way of teaching what may be otherwise dry topics.  (Now, now. We math-lovers don't find the topics dry at all. However, you can imagine how the "Sum and Difference of Cubes" might be perceived by 16 year olds ;-) )

Can you point me to examples of non-k-8 work?  Perhaps college level work or corporate work of technical topics would apply.  I can take it from there.