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Caroline Turner

In case you read and haven't seen - The people I train get bored quickly so I like the movement and flow, I'm thinking if not then I'll Green screen me in film and then put in that way. Thank you for reading


Anna Oftedal

Hi Caroline,

I also get the seasick effect. I can only take a little bit of prezi-type motion (intros/exits are ok) but a whole presentation of it, and I feel sick with a bit of a headache.

Is it compulsory training, and the participants don't want to take it? I would make the e-learning as interactive as possible as one technique to help/force them to engage.

Bruce Graham

I guess my point is this - if they get bored, you need to keep them interested, and that is usually via the content not the presentation medium.

There is nothing much in that presentation that cannot be done in PowerPoint, (if you have PowerPoint 2010, look at this following link.


File > New > Sample Templates > Five Rules

Caroline Turner

Thank you all - i don't know anyone else involved in online training so asking you all questions will really help me.

Oh dear there seems to be a lot of motion seasickness with Prezi!! Thank you for the feedback.

I will be working with people who are 16-30 with an average in the early 20's, in my experience of working with this industry many staff members hated and or struggled with learning in school, hence my concern that they will "switch off". When I train face to face it is very interactive and I'm like a stand up so I can keep them on-board and win them over to learn and develop their skills. I suppose I'm just concerned that sitting with a laptop or Pad I've got to get the same impact. If that makes sense, hence I've organized filming for April that I can use in the training. The content is good their just a hard crowd!!

Interactive it is! Any ideas or experience would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for reading and posting