Can I use timeline in each state?

Aug 02, 2015

I am designing a game, and I am stuck in changing the states. Before going ahead, I would like to give an idea on what I have in my mind, so you better understand and give me your suggestions if this doesn't work.

The purpose of this game is to do multi-tasking. 

There is a coffee maker that can make three coffees (any flavor) in a row. Now, I have divided this game into different levels where each level the user will be given one scenario for example: "You have to make 3 mocha, 2 latte and 1 cappuccino". If he passed, he will go to the next level. It becomes harder once he/she step up to another level.

The scenario is that when the user clicks on the coffee option (any flavor: Mocha, coffee or cappuccino) it will take 1 or 2 seconds to fill the cup. After that, he has to pull the coffee cup out from the maker. If he doesn't, the coffee will be overfilled, and he will lose.

The game is in the very initial stage, and I am working on it's functionalities. I design a coffee maker with 3 cups and 3 flavors options on each cup on power point. Imported that slide in AS2 and linked each and every button with the cup. Till now, everything works fine.

The problem is that every cup has three options (Mocha, Latte, and cappuccino) user can click on any of them. For that, I used "change of state"  but now, I need to give an alert showing that your coffee is overfilled after a certain amount of time where I need timeline.

Is there any way to sort this out. I need Articulate expert's help on this.


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Michael Burns

Hi Mohammad, take a look at my version - I only changed the first coffee cup on the left, so it's just a start. To begin with, I've found it's easier to deal with layers than states in a case like this (there was a recent post around here talking about this).

You can, however, use the "selected" state for shapes - so, I added a "selected" state to each button for the 3 different types of coffee. This toggled a variable, which would show a layer (the coffee cup being filled). At the end of that layer, if the button hadn't been "un-selected", a trigger shows another layer alerting that it's overfilled. There are also 2 looping layers that allow you to show a "timer" (I added this to the right, and adjusted the story size to fit on the slide).

Hope this helps - take a look and let me know if this is what you're looking for.

Mohammad  Hassam

Thanks Michael for your help and support. Yes, however, I would like add two more alerts when a coffee is going to fill in each cup. 

Your Mocha is Ready:

Let's talk about Mocha on the left you designed. It works pretty well. But, when a learner click on the button (mocha), after few seconds it says that "Your mocha is ready". This message is indirectly giving an alert to the learner that he needs to click on the button (mocha) again to stop filling the coffee otherwise, it will be overfilled. 

Coffee will overflow after Overfill:

Same like above, once the coffee is overfill. The learner has to replace the cup (by clicking on cup) and refill again.

Now, let's talk about an overall scenario that how this all will work. 

I did almost the same thing what you did. Later, I found out that the layers will only work once at a time. For example: Let's say there are three cups. I want all the cups to be filled at the same time but with different flavors which are based on scenarios.  Please see the attachment


However, if I will click on any flavor of Cup1 it will open one layer and side by side if i will click on any flavor of cup2 . it will close the previous layer and open the new one. Same go to Cup2 that's why I used states.


I hope you getting my point. I know it is a complicated stuff and really appreciate that you are trying to help out.  


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