Can't activate Studio '09

We have 4 uses across two licenses and are only using two currently. We only have it installed on two computers but when I try to activate with the serial (tried both) it says we have no more uses remaining. 

Unfortunately I have written for support 4 times now over the last 10 days and have had no response. Very disappointed at the lack of support.

Has anyone got any ideas given I can't get any information from Articulate?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Michael, 

Really sorry you haven't heard back. In trying to follow up, I don't see any cases associated with the email you signed up for Heroes with. Were the cases submitted under a different name or email address? Did you receive a case number at any point? Is this the link you used to submit the case? Please feel free to PM me any more information you can and I'd be more than happy to make sure we get this resolved. Thanks!

Michael Reid

Hi Peter

Yes this appears to be the link I used. I also submitted a request to... "If you have a sales or general question, please contact an Articulate Account Manager" to try and get a response.

I am using the same name and email address as I am registered in Heroes. Perhaps my address has been marked as spam or some other thing. 

In any case. My mail pointed out that we have two serial across two licenses. When I try to activate using the serials (tried both), I get the message "you have exceeded the number of activation's for this license". We have ensured we have uninstalled it fro unused machines, which it has. 

Any assistance would be appreciated...Michael

Shailesh Sharma

Hi Michael,

I have got an license for the activate Studio '09.

I have installed it in one computer and i was using it.

Today i have been moved on to another computer and cannot use it.

Note : The older computer have been formated.

case no :Your Articulate Case # 00316750

Still i cannot use the license on the new computer can you suggest me on this, what should i do now.

Need it urgently as the work keeps on piling up.

Need your response as early as possible.

Thanks in advance.