Can you recommend a company or individual for Storyline 3 advanced training?


I am looking for a GREAT course to enhance my Storyline 3 skills. In particular I am looking to develop my skills around gamification, and adding more inter-active fun.

Can anyone recommend a class they attended? Or let me know if you have one you feel did not meet your needs and why.

Thanks for any info you can share,

Carol Pickering

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Carol!  Our Advanced Storyline 360 training might be right up your alley!  It works for Storyline 3 users, too!  You can see the upcoming Advanced Storyline training sessions here: and here's the description of the advanced day: 

This full-day in-classroom training is designed for those who have already attended the 2-day Basic Articulate Storyline training, or have mastered those skills. In the Advanced training, we’ll explore even more options to help take your courses to the next level. We teach a practical approach for using Conditional Triggers and Variables to help design complex learning modules. You’ll also get to experiment with creative interactions using dials and sliders, and explore the use of motion and shape intersection triggers, that make motion paths the perfect tool for unique presentations and gaming.O

Our partners at Yukon Learning present these sessions both live and virtually, so you can choose what's best for you!