Can you recommend a digital asset management solution?

Apr 22, 2013

Good afternoon ELH-

I just learned that another re-org is imminent and this time affecting my division. As a result, my eLearning team will merge with two other groups. 

The transition team has identified the need for a DAM solution for approximately 15 elearning and training designers. I suggested Flickr

Hoping someone in this wonderful community has some level of experience working with or recommending DAMs for small teams. I have no idea where to begin.

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Bart Collart

I recently started researching DAM solutions and here is my take so far...

I would love to hear other user's experiences with DAM solutions. An ideal solution for me would include;

 - Searchable assets by any team member, writers, artists, etc, even those who do not need/use apps like Photoshop

 - Ability to search assets locally or remotely

 - A solution that ties keywords  (and other seachables) to the actual media (as opposed to linking through a database. (this will help ensure our assets remain searchable regardless of DAM platform solution decisions down the road.)

 - Able to see nice thumbnails that are auto-generated and viewable regardless of file type (including FLAs, SWFs, 3D Studio Max, etc)

I personally love the way the Mac Finder allows me to view all the contents of any folder and preview items (including audio files) with a click of the spacebar.

I posted a bunch of images to Dropbox the other day for an internal client and was amazed at how easy it was and how thumbnails were generated without any effort on my part!

I would like to find a solution that is as easy to use and intuitive as these technologies. Preferably something that is open-source and cheap to boot!

I don't see any clear winners out there.

Here are some relevant links I've come across. I hope these help!...

Steve Flowers

Hi Bart - 

You might want to add ownCloud to your stack of potentials. I installed it and gave it a play. Pretty neat for an open source tool with a desktop sync component. One downside is cost per gigabyte. With Dropbox going to a terabyte for $100 a year - that's hard to beat with a shared host. This could be cost effective if you're running your own host.

Neat either way and somewhat flexible.

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