Can you show mulitple responses after a try again layer?

Sep 22, 2019

Dear Community,

After looking at a David Anderson video, I thought I had this figured out. But it is still not working. Can you show a try again layer on the 1st attempt which is incorrect, then show the correct and incorrect answers with responses for each choice on the second attempt? 

Can any one tell me this is or is not possible? If so, look at my trigger and tell me what I did wrong? 

Thanks for the assistance,


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John Morris

There may be other ways to do this, but I have done it using the method in the attachment.

The "Correct" layer will display when the learner selects a correct answer.

The "Incorrect" layer will display when the learner has answered incorrectly using the designated number of attempts.

But I want the learner to see answer-specific feedback on the single "Try Again" layer.  I did this by creating a variable that changes to a feedback statement based on the radio button selected.

When the "Try Again" layer displays, it will contain the feedback text for whatever was the last radio button clicked by the learner.

I hope this helps.

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