Cannot make this work: select shapes and give 2 attempts

Feb 20, 2017

I am pulling my hair after 4 hours on this.

I want the users to select rectangles 1 to 5 included. If they select 1 to 5 BUT DO NOT SELECT 6 or 7 or 8 or 9, the Correct layer will be displayed.

If they do not select all of shapes 1 to 5 = they should see the try again layer the first time, and then the incorrect layer the second time.

If they select all the shapes 1 to 5 but select at least one of the wrong answers (6 ot 9), they should also have the try again and then incorrect layer.

Sounds easy enough, hey? Well, I have tried many combinations, trigger on slide, on Submit button, to no avail. I require your help. Many thanks in advance. File (Articulate 360) attached.


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Tristan Hunt

Hi Helene,

I would make 3 triggers for the submit button to check your variables. 

I normally make a text box with all of the variables to assist in my testing. That way I can see instantly when a variable is or isn't changing. The more complex the interaction the more this helps.

If you add an additional variable to the submit button you can also track the number attempts and show them the appropriate feedback layer. 



Helene Caura

Hi again, I'm finally back and ready to work. 

So this is what I did. I couldn't make it work using the freeform pick many :

- users select 5 items out of 9 (5 are correct, 4 are wrong)

- when they select an item, it looks different (freeform pick many => no states available, you don't know when you have selected an item)

- when they click a selected item again, the item goes back to its normal state.

- they have a correct and incorrect layer appearing when they click my Submit button (not each time they select a correct item, as the freeform pick many suggests)

- they have 2 attempts (try again layer appearing it Try Again variable is false, becomes True after 1 sec on the Try Again layer and redirects to Incorrect layer if True from the start of this layer's timeline).

The only issue I have now is if they select all the correct items + at least one wrong item, try again by deselecting the wrong item(s) => it shows the incorrect layer, the Correct variable doesn't change back to True after the wrong item(s) is/are deselected.

I have attached the new file for those interested. Maybe there was a more simple way to do it? FYI the correct answers are the first 5 words.

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