Cant publish my work

'Hey guys and girls.   Here is the background of the issue: I have published my work in LMS which then turns it into towards an output folder under name of presentation.html.  The question is the following I have tried to upload my presentation.htm on share point but it does not upload my presentation why is this? also I can see the presentation though on my desktop. So what can be the issue ?

Kind Regards


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Dave Cox

Hi Joselin,

To place your content on sharepoint, try publishing it for web. Then place the whole folder in a sharepoint folder. The file you want to link to in sharepoint is the story.html file. Right click that file in sharepoint, and you should be able to copy the link to the file. Copy that link and paste it to notepad to see it.

Joselina Ubau

Hi David Cox,

I have what you recommended me to do, but still no sign of solution

The steps I have done:

Step one: I have published my presentation via WEB this time instead of LMS

Step two: have gone to SharePoint and uploaded my presentation under name: presentation.html which was saved in an output folder

Step three: I have tried to upload via SharePoint but does not work still.

The problem is that when it tries to upload it via the company's share point it does not work.

Dave Cox

Hi Joselina,

Which software are you using? Storyline publishes to a folder with the name of your project followed by "- Storyline output" This folder contains all of the files needed to run the project. The file that needs to run is the story.html file, but all files in the folder are needed to run the project. I'm not familiar with a format the publishes presentation.html, so perhaps you are using something besides Storyline?

Another thing to watch out for when you are placing your content on sharepoint, make sure that all of your files successfully copy to the sharepoint folder. If your sharepoint profile blocks any file types, it can prevent your project from running.

Dave Cox

Does the presentation play on your local machine if you drop presentation.html in a browser?

Copy the entire presentation output folder to Sharepoint, According the the engage documentation, the file you should link to is interaction.html. So if presentation.html doesn't work, look in the folder and see if there is an interaction.html that you can link to. You can view the publishing document here.

I'm really not familiar with engage, so if you are still having issues, hopefully someone else can chime in and give you a hand.