Captivate 4 question

Until we can get Articulate to use with Captivate 4, we are producing stand alone modules.  I would like to have Captivate send an email to me once a participant has completed the module.  I do know how to ask for and record the participant's name, and I would like that included.

Also, I would like the quiz data included - not necessary. 

Can anyone help me or suggest where I can find some of these answers.

By the way, Tom Wilson from Fiserv tells me you are a wonderful community.



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Wayne Vermillion

I don't think it's possible for CP (or Articulate Presenter) to report scores via email. There are brighter minds than mine on this forum, though, who may furnish a solution. Did you know that you can search this forum with key words? For instance, here's a link to a thread about posting Articulate content on Sharept, found with the search phrases "articulate intranet." And did you try the Captivate forum?

Joe Deegan

Hi Norma,

You did find a great community.  However, you will mostly see information pertaining to Articulate since it is an Articulate community but I may be able to answer your question.  I do use Captivate 3 and I have never used the option but it does allow scores to be sent through an email.  If you go to Edit>Preferences>Quiz>Reporting you will find options for sending the scores to an email.  I'm not sure if this has changed in Captivate 4 but thought this may help.