Captivate to Storyline

I am in a situation where I was handed a Captivate 9 file and asked to see if I could re-create it in Storyline. Is there a way to import any of the slides. I have not been successful in importing the SWF file. It a very long course and will take me many hours to re-create it. If there is some advice from some experts on some shortcuts etc. I would REALLY appreciate it.




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Trina Rimmer

Hi Nancy. There is not a way to import Captivate files into Storyline, although it looks like some folks have embedded a published Captivate project using the web object in Storyline 360. My Captivate knowledge is pretty rusty, but I've been told that newer versions of Captivate have an export to PPT function. Since you can import PPT into Storyline, that option might save you some time.

Hopefully, some other folks who've tackled this kind of work will chime in with any other tips or tricks they have for making this process a bit easier.