Capturing individual question responses


I have a client who wants to be able to:

  • have a course with single multiple choice questions embedded throughout
  • prevent users from advancing until they answer the question
  • capture the collective responses of *all* users to a question, rather than individual SCORM data per user

The best solution I can think of is to have the course built in studio/storyline, and to create mini surveys for each question in surveymonkey/fluidsurveys. The survey tool would allow the client to view all responses to a question (collated and anonymized). I would them embed each 'survey' via a web object.

But is there a way to disable the 'next' function until a user has interacted with a survey that is embedded within a web object in an Articulate course?

Or is there a better way to meet the client's requirements?

If I just use SCORM questions, then we would need to drill down in the LMS (Moodle) to find the responses on a user-by-user basis.

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Andrew,

What about passing the results to a Google Spreadsheet using javascript?

I know that John Faulkes and Kevin Thorn have both gotten this to work in the past, so maybe touch base with them about how to set it up if you aren't a javascript wizz.

Then you could build your questions natively in Storyline which would allow you to customise the Next button so that you can verify if the question has been answered before proceeding*.

Hope that helps.


* You can do this by creating a trigger that checks if the text entry variable is blank, if so show a message that says 'this question is mandatory, please answer it before continuing'. Alternatively, if the text entry variable is not blank, go to next page.