Capturing Information Using Presenter

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Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding using a web object (or some other functionality) using presenter to capture information.  (I'll do my best to describe the functionality I'm looking for - if it's not clear please let me know.)

I'm tasked with create an elearning module that basically deals with the learner creating a plan.  This plan involves the learner creating overarching goals, then objectives to support those goals, and then activities to support those objectives.

For the activity, I want the learner to be able to enter text at various points throughout the module (i.e. pieces of the plan).

As the module progresses, I would like the various pieces to aggregate, and for the learner to be able to print the entire document at the end.

Now, I know that I could insert a fillable adobe document as a web object, however I'm looking for other sexier alternatives.

Any information will be much appreciated.


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Joe Deegan

I like the idea! Have you considered setting this up in Quizmaker?  I believe in quizmaker you might be able to display the results slide with their entries and possibly have them print that.  This isn't something I've tested or seen in action so it may be a little adventurous.  Can't wait to hear more ideas.

Shelly Cook

Also may want to try one of the widgets for sale on elearning enhanced.  They have two that may work.  One that works by allowing the learner to type their own notes into the Notes tab in the player with the ability to print later and another that integrates with google docs.  I haven't used them yet but it seems like they may help you accomplish your task.