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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Charlie: There's often a need for video production, which David mentioned. This fits in with elearning for sure. If you want to stay within the realm of elearning/digital learning there's also...

  • performance support (much of this is digital)
  • workflow learning (much aligned with performance support but also a tad bit different). Check out Bob Mosher's writing, if you haven't already. 
  • voiceover (also fun, and aligned with the work we do)
Judy Nollet

Hi, Charlie,

Make a big cup of coffee and think about those "aspirations and goals." Companies often expect that everyone wants to climb the ladder into management -- but some of us actually prefer to hang out on the creative lower rungs. So consider carefully whether or not you want to "advance" into management.

As Julie, David, and Daniel pointed out, there are other goals to achieve within the learning-and-development area. Heck, you gotta keep learning just to keep up. So, for example, if you don't want to manage other people, you can still aspire to improve delivery for mobile devices, to provide better performance support (aka just-in-time learning experiences), etc.