Career Planning Course Ideas/Resources??

Hello all,

I am looking for some creative ideas for developing courses on Resume Writing and/or Interviewing Techniques. It would be so helpful to see these concepts developed in Storyline if anyone would be willing share their resources! Just need something to get my wheels turning in regards creating an interactive story on these topics My work is geared toward college women, FYI.

Thanks in advance!

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El Burgaluva


I'm not saying these kinds of courses can't be developed in Storyline (or any other rapid authoring tool). But...

Have you got a solid reason for doing so? Is online learning via Storyline the best way to meet the desired outcomes of your target market? Have you done your full complement of market research?


Nicole Legault

Hi Kayte!

Welcome to the community, and thanks for posting! 

Have you checked out the community showcase? There are tons of awesome e-learning examples here, including a course on communication and some other soft skills e-learning courses that you might be able to get some ideas from!!

Also, look at some of the downloads to get some ideas of interactivities you can easily use in your courses!

Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction...