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I have attached a template that I am working on and struggling with "resetting" the animation.  I want the user to be able to click the forward button and back buttons to scroll left to right.  But once the animation has played, if a hyperlink returns to that slide a second time, the animation doesn't play again, it just displays the end position of the animated object.  I have played with auto rewind and reverse, but this happens immediately, not on exit of the slide.  I would like to be able to repeat the animation each time that slide is entered.

Perhaps I have my animation of the wrong side of the click?  Should the click start the animation rather than be a hyperlink to a new slide?  I think I just have a mental block.

Thanks for any advise. 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Hilary - those are nice looking slides! And yeah, PowerPoint is funny like that with visited slides. It won't automatically play the animation if you've already been on that slide.

Are you planning on using this only within PowerPoint, or will you publish it with Presenter? If you publish with Presenter, the slides will automatically reset if you return to them. However, the motion paths won't be quite as fluid. The "smooth start" and "smooth end" setting in PowerPoint don't translate to the Flash output, so the motions might seem more abrupt than what you see in a PowerPoint slideshow.

If you plan on keeping this as just a PowerPoint slideshow and not a published course, you could try the workaround described here.

Hilary Goodnight

Thanks for the reply.  I did publish it and the animation is smooth enough (not that much different than the smooth start stop to be noticeable), but there is a "flash" of a white screen before the animation begins when moving to the next slide if it is not an adjacent slide transition.  It happens when I "jump" to a slide that is not the next one is sequence.  Is this something to be expected?    I may be attempting something that is not feasible, but thought it would be a nice affect if I can use it.

Thanks again.

Jeanette Brooks

Yeah, if you hyperlink from one slide to a non-sequential slide, there may be a slight flicker while the slide loads. The effect is less pronounced if you can move as much stuff to a slide master as possible. I believe the flicker is a non-issue on sequential slides because Presenter always loads 2 slides in advance (i.e,. while you're on slide 1, slides 2 & 3 are loading).

James Brown

That's a pretty cool effect and I second what Jeanette said. Unless you are using Action buttons, which are disabled, hyperlinks will always cause you headaches. My only suggestion is to look at something like Adobe Captivate or Writing this in Flash which is pretty easy to accomplish. I'm really curious how this will play out with HTML5 coming on the scene?